Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Swaztika Is Just A Twisted Cross

“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” ~Sinclare Lewis, 1935

In the early 30's, an obscure German came to power in his country by playing on the fear and national pride of the people. Badly beaten in the first World War, the Germans were hungry for national esteem and wanting something or someone on whom to place the blame.

With some well-placed words and bombastic rhetoric, Adolph Hitler gave his fellow Germans a scape-goat and a hope for national pride and world domination. Thus was born the most heinous of regimes and the most horrible of genocides. That he did this claiming to be a devout Christian is even more horrible. His name is synonymous with "Evil."

The Holocaust still stands as a representation of the dark and ugly power of bigotry, religious intolerance, arrogance and fanaticism. The untold numbers of Jewish men, women and children, Homosexuals, Gypsies and others who were killed, starved, experimented upon and reviled as lesser beings should stand as a lesson to us all of how we can get off track if we are not careful. (We need to stop poking our noses in the bedrooms of others and get the lawmakers out of the uterus.)

In this country, they don't call themselves Nazis. But they do call themselves Patriots. They have their own party..the Tea Party..and they are doing all in their power to attempt to take down the current President, a man of mixed race, and return power to the elite, thinking they are doing it for themselves. I know some of these people. They are good folks. Decent, caring and usually reasonable.  But the Glen Becks and the Rush Limbaughs and the Sarah Palins have fed an irrational line of hate and fear into the atmosphere and these people, these friends of mine, have been infected. I mourn the loss of their ability to think for themselves.

Every bit of progress that we fought for in the prior century, especially in civil and women's rights, is being dismantled, state by state, by these reactionary radicals. And these people are doing this in the name of the Christian religion and their idea of what is patriotic. What is happening is vile. It is anti-human. It is anti-woman. And it is elitist in a nation that supposedly touts equality.

I wonder how long it will be before our girls are required, again, to wear dresses to school? I wonder how long it will be before Maternity Homes reopen or expand to take in the "fallen angels" and distribute their babies to "the right kind of people?" I wonder how much wider the gap between the haves and the have nots has to get before we have a massive die-off of the disadvantaged? I wonder when it will get to the point that we have a Theocracy rather than a Democracy?

Make no mistake, these are dangerous times. The Tea Party backers, The Koch brothers, Combover Trump, and others, are monied and malevolent and will pursue their agenda if they are not taken down by the truth.

And I can only pray that, in 2012, common sense will prevail in the voting booths. Just as a hedge, I am updating my passport. I might want to leave the country.

Maybe they should cover Lady Liberty's eyes. I don't want her to see this.


sharon said...

Robin if you have to leave you will always be welcome here.

Chris said...

Well said and well written Robin. I am one those 'leburals' that is truly concerned about the direction that my beloved adopted country seems to be taking. To say I find it all very disturbing, is to put it mildly. Like you, I can only hope that sanity will prevail, amongst all the insanity that seems to be currently taking place in America. I rarely use the word 'hate'(nor even 'feel' that)..that is a truth for me. But much as I try to not think and feel in terms of 'hate'...I can honestly say in all truthfulness..I HATE the Tea-Bagger Party. I HATE all that they stand for. I cannot but think they as a whole are more in line with Nazism, rather than Americanism. I cannot honestly say nor do I believe, there is any middle of the road Tea-bagger Party Member, they seem to be all about.."It's all or nothing". I think they are an Ultra-Right Extremist party of people that live in total fear of everything and are only selfishly thinking of their Party Members and their singular agenda. And regular ole Americans can just 'Eat shit and die'. The whole of 2012 and the presidential election in 2012, I believe will be a tell-all. I'm keeping my options open..and I have an option, which I am prepared to use, if push comes to shove. I don't believe I could further live in a country, if people were elected that cared naught for their elderly, their sick & disabled, their women and children. That's the stuff of a living nightmare. A 'nightmare' I could not force myself to consciously live in, during my 'Golden Years'. Some would say that that is 'cowardice', 'jumping ship'..sorry but I'm not the Captain of what is possibly a sinking ship..if there is a life raft available with a life-preserver, I will hope I'm able to utilize both. I am going to continue to hope that sanity and good, compassionate people will prevail in America..people with good hearts, the general population and politicians alike. Time will tell. And yes, History can and has repeated this case I pray that bad 'history' will not be repeated.